photo by Tara Postnikoff
photo by Tara Postnikoff


Nate Simpson

NSBD is owned and operated by Nate Simpson, C.E.T. Nate is a business development professional with a passion for connecting with people, who possesses a rare combination of technical experience and an entrepreneurial approach to business growth. His combined background in both the delivery of engineering sector services and business development spans more than 25 years.

After rising to senior technical leadership roles in the delivery of Building and Fire Codes consulting services, Nate embarked on the next phase in his career, focusing on business development. Since 2012, Nate served in progressive business development leadership roles, culminating as a Director of Business Development for a leading Canadian fire protection engineering firm.

Founding Nate Simpson Business Development in 2022, this collective experience enables Nate to offer insightful guidance when collaborating with clients on business development and marketing strategies. Nate provides a process-based, action-oriented approach to help clients uncover and engage growth opportunities, augment existing competencies and address opportunities for improvement. Nate is also a member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services, an organization dedicated to the marketing and business development professions within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sectors.


A Nod to Real Experiences

One size never fits all. That’s why we cater all of our services to your specific business and its needs, and why you’ll not find a single stock photo on this site. Just like your business, this site is made up of images that contain a range of experiences and stories that can be told to you by Nate. And just like your business, the sum of those experiences creates something unique — a perspective, a motivating force, a desire to do something different.

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